Murder At Bedside Manor

A Dose Of Murder

You're a prominent doctor attending a medical conference in Paris France for the debut of the new "cure-all" miracle drug Curinol. Sponsored by a mega pharmaceutical company, La Costa Plenty, attendees are dying to get their hands on the patent for the new drug. It's up to you to figure out who's guilty of "foul-practice".

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The Cast of Characters

Dr. Young

The eccentric scientist who discovered Curinol.

Nurse Vein

A former enema nurse who'll do anything to climb the corporate ladder.

Nurse Scratchit

She embodies all things noble in the nursing profession.

Barb Biturate

Wealthy owner of the La Costa Plenty drug company.

Dr. Jack "Dingo" Outback

One rugged bloke with a tails stories to tell.

Judge Moody Heimlich

No nonsense legal council that takes no Baloney.

Little Dickie Slimmons

Hyper active Exercise Infomercial Guru.

The HMO Guy

Rep for National Association for Sick & Twisted Insurance.

Be Part Of The Fun

Use your keen mind, and bribe money (provided), to get clues from the cast of suspects as they serve you a delicious three course dinner. Audience participation makes every show a unique experience you'll never forget – even if you try. Photos and video are encouraged.

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