Diva Star's Killer Karaoke

Are you DYING to compete? 🎤

Part karaoke contest and part comic mystery, the evening takes place at a gala event to determine the world’s greatest karaoke singer.  When flamboyant songbird Diva Star crashes the party, a series of mysterious “accidents” threaten the lives of one and all.  Will YOU figure out the mystery, or go home with the karaoke crown — or will you fall victim to the “karaoke curse?”

The Cast of Characters

Diva Star

The reigning 'Killer Karaoke' winner who has just returned from a whirl-wind tour of Japan where she is a HUGE star. Karaoke is her life and her name says it all!

Simone Bidet

producer/director/judge of 'Killer Karaoke' show. She is polished, sophisticated, and MEAN

Bryan Seehost

The vain, hammy host/technical director of 'Killer Karaoke' show.

Dumi Sumo

Diva Star's bodyguard and spiritual mentor. Who was found on craigslist.

Ichi Kuchi

founder of the Diva Star fan club and part time internet model.

Be Part Of The Fun

Use your keen mind, and bribe money (provided), to get clues from the cast of suspects as they serve you a delicious three course dinner. Audience participation makes every show a unique experience you’ll never forget – even if you try. Photos and video are encouraged.