Murder At Greystone Manor

A Roaring Good Time

Set in the ‘Silent Film Age’ of 1920’s Hollywood, you’re among Hollywood’s elite attending the world premier of the “swish-buckling” romantic action film Loves Foolish Parade starring Louis Loveless and Edward Manly III. But before the audience has a chance to see the movie a dramatic crime is committed and you, and your fellow guests, must solve the mystery.

The Cast of Characters

C.D. Weasel

Producer, Writer, Director & Broke. Where'd he get the money to make this film?

Louise Loveless

This high-strung temperamental vamp may be a falling star with the introduction of "talkies".

Edward Manly III

The swashbuckling dashing heartthrob that's rumored not do all his own stunts.

Clara Simpleton

Sweet innocent former child star that hasn't shown her dimples in a film in years.

Fanny Fanciful

A flapper from the chorus whose fringe got her a role in C.D. Weasel's latest film.

Jewel Precious

Miss Loveless' maid and starstruck personal assistant.

Louella Snoop

Hollywood gossip columnist with a talent for sniffing out trouble.

Be Part Of The Fun

Use your keen mind, and bribe money (provided), to get clues from the cast of suspects as they serve you a delicious three course dinner. Audience participation makes every show a unique experience you’ll never forget – even if you try. Photos and video are encouraged.