Murder At The Vampire's Wedding

A Bloody Good time

An out-of-cash Count, to save his castle, seeks to marry a pure blooded young lady from Catch Fish Crawls Kentucky. You’re among the relatives from both sides of the families gathered in Fangaveinia for the wedding. However the ceremony is interrupted by a “staking” in the heart and it’s up to you to discover who turned matrimony into murder.

The Cast of Characters

Count Vlad von Fangenstein

An out-of-cash Count looking to keep his castle and social clout after the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

Nelly May Noodling

"Pure-Blooded" heiress to the Catfish Crawls Restaurant fortune. She's found true love via a Fangaveinian travel brochure.

Cousin Guppy

One of Nelly May's many many relatives, Guppy seems to have more than a passing fancy for his kin.

Madame Chinski

This shifty Gypsy could be in cahoots with the Count or she could be up to more than just swindling tourists.

Inspector Strickor

A former Colonel at Stalag 1313, this draconian detective finds himself pulled out of retirement.

Be Part Of The Fun

Use your keen mind, and bribe money (provided), to get clues from the cast of suspects as they serve you a delicious three course dinner. Audience participation makes every show a unique experience you’ll never forget – even if you try. Photos and video are encouraged.